Brother Otis Brown Memorial Farewell Drive Dec.23 2020

December 18 2020 Retiree Christmas Gift Drive-thru

December 4 2020 Violence Against Women Vigil

Town of Essex UHC Food Box Distribution Event

Flags of Remembrance River Front Memorial 2020

Canadian Engineering Covid-19 Coffee Appreciation Visit:

On behalf of the entire Executive Board of Local 195 we wish to acknowledge the new Canadian Engineering Elected Committee and their entire Membership for allowing us to show our appreciation by visiting your workplace during this COVID – 19 Crisis.

Also, a big thank you to the owner of the Company and his Management Team for joining all of us at this visit. The Member's engagement was awesome.

As President of Unifor Local 195 I am very optimistic for the future of your Company and look forward to positive collaboration between the Company and the Local Union Leadership. The commitment from the Company and the Union in keeping the Operations open during this pandemic and these challenging times has been greatly appreciated by all.

In Solidarity,
Emile Nabbout