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A part of any strong and vibrant union is the work of active committees. Local 195 is proud of the work done by its committees.

Aboriginal & Workers of Colour

Chairperson: Trevor Hall – Trevor.Hall@unifor195.com
Members: Christine Maclin, Nicole Simpson, Marwan Abouzeeni, Vaughn Harris, and Frank Pineda.
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Retirees’ Committee

Chairperson: Kevin Meloche
Members: Art Snider and Colleen Barrette.

Education Committee

Chairperson: Kevin McMaster
Members: Emile Nabbout, Sarkis Gaspar, Nicole Simpson, Debbie Westrop, Maria Patsouris, Damian Bryce, Christine Maclin, and Matt Cruickshank.
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Environmental Committee

Chairperson: Ken Wickens
Members: James Paolatto and Amir Aburashed.

Human Rights Committee

Chairperson: Bob Cruise
Members: Christine Maclin, Vaughn Harris, Trevor Hall, Frank Pineda, Amir Aburashed, and Maria Patsouris.

Pride Committee

Chairperson: Alexa Piunno
Members: Christine Maclin and Sara Reynolds.

Workers with Disabilities Committee

Chairperson: Mike Jee
Members: Damian Bryce and Maria Patsouris.

Union in Politics Committee

Chairperson: Emile Nabbout
Members: Bob Cruise, Mike Jee and Marwan Abouzeeni.

Substance Abuse Committee

Chairperson: Maria Patsouris
Members: Richard Long, Debbie Westrop, Marwan Abouzeeni and Nisar Ahmed.

Windsor District Labour Council Committee

Members: Bob Cruise, Bill Elliott, Ken Wickens, Mike Jee, Larry Lane, Jesse Calhoun, Marwan Abouzeeni, Dave Henderson, Maria Patsouris, Nasir Ahmed, Muhammad Asim Tariq, Vaughn Harris, Frank Pineda, William Upcott, and Christine Maclin.

Recreation Committee

Chairperson: Tammy Pomerleau
Members: Scott Mniszek, Tammy Smith, Kevin McMaster, Dean Testani, Larry Lane, and William Upcott.

Women’s Committee

Chairperson: Nicole Simpson
Members: Tammy Smith, Maria Patsouris, and Debbie Westrop.

Health and Safety Committee

Chairperson: Mike Jee
Members: Nicole Simpson and Mario Moceri.

Constitution and Bylaws Committee

Chairperson: Don White
Members: Emile Nabbout, Nicole Simpson, Tammy Pomerleau, and Marwan Abouzeeni.

Election Committee

Chairperson: Marwan Abouzeeni
Members: Kevin McMaster, Frank Pineda, Sarkis Gaspar, Emile Nabbout, Tammy Smith, Lori Minshall, Bob Maurice, Pauline Ridley, Scott Mniszek, Dany Tannous, Heather Greer-Massie, Damian Bryce, Maria Patsouris, and Debbie Westrop.

Labour Day Committee

Chairperson: Scott Mniszek
Members: Christine Maclin, Tammy Smith, Nisar Ahmed, Amir Aburashe, and William Upcott.

Allocations Committee

Chairperson: Kevin McMaster
Members: Don White.

Newspaper Committee

Chairperson: Bob Cruise
Members: Mike Jee and Bob Maurice.

Paid Education Leave Committee

Chairperson: Kevin McMaster
Members: Frank Pineda, Marwan Abouzeeni, Mario Moceri, and Emile Nabbout.

Union Label and Solidarity Committee

Chairperson: Bob Maurice
Members: Kevin McMaster, Kevin Meloche, Marwan Abouzeeni, and Kirk St. Pierre.

Veterans’ Committee

Chairperson: Kirk St. Pierre
Members: Kevin McMaster.

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